Monday, September 26, 2011

Divine Intervention

Good Monday Morning!  I have had an interesting week and I wanted to share it with you.

It amazes me everyday at how God plans and works in our lives.  If you do not believe that, then listen to my story.

As most of you know, I interviewed for a nanny position here in Newnan.  After about a month of not hearing anything, I tossed it aside and began seeking other opportunities.  Then, I get a phone call from the mom explaining that she was still interested and wanted to see if I was still wanting to possibly see if the nanny position would work out (this was two Wednesdays ago).  I met the little girl on Thursday and then began on Friday.  I left on Friday unsure of what was expected of me the following week, but knew that I would hear from them and wasn't too worried about it.  Monday rolls around and I work, the same for Tuesday and Wednesday, but then on Thursday plans began to fade out and on Friday my day was canceled.  Let me back up to Tuesday afternoon and tell you that I was feeling like I wasn't sure if the position was going to work out.  I called my Mom and spoke with her about it and told her honestly that things were not going as expected, do they ever, and that I wasn't sure if this was the position for me for this school year.  I felt in my heart that it would get taken care of one way or the other, and had a great day on Wednesday.

Just a side note, I have bills to pay, and those sometimes weigh heavy on my shoulders.  There are some bills that I am able to put to the side right now, but as far as my car payment goes, I was beginnng to stress out a little bit.  Please remember, I have not had a steady paycheck since the end of May.  I saved enough money to get me through three months of bills, so you can see my urgency for steady work.

Back to my week.  On Friday, I went to my Mom's work, since my nanny day was canceled and was just talking with her about what I needed to do and how I needed to approach the questions I had about the job.  I left there and headed home and when I got home I recieved a phone call explaining that my hours had been calculated for the week and I could pick up my check.  This phone call came as a complete surprise to me, because I was under the impression I wouldn't get paid until around the 1st, so you can imagine I didn't know what to expect when I went to pick up my check.  I opened the envelope and the check amount was more than I had ever hopped for and well enough to get me through one more month of paying my car payment.  I felt a HUGE weight lift off of my shoulders and could feel God's presence with me saying that he will take care of me, just trust him.  It was amazing and gave me chills just to think how He works in our lives.  I called my Mom right away to tell her and she said it was divine intervention.   

With that being taken care of, I enjoyed my relaxing weekend, and knew that I was going to have some questions that would have to answered about my job.  Yesterday, I talked with the mom and we both came to the agreement that it was not working, and that what she was needing would not be fair to my schedule and to what I had expected from the position.  She needs someone with a real flexible schedule, and not that mine couldn't be, she just needs someone who can stay later and it may not be consistent.  She was grateful for my hard work and I was grateful for a week's worth of work and pay.  Now, I know that may sound weird, but I honestly knew in my heart that this was not the position for me, and I was fine with not moving forward.  I only hoped that I was able to get put back on the sub list and get things straightened out there.

At the beginning of last week, I had emailed the county I was subbing for and told them that I would not be subbing any longer this school year, and so I needed to undo that.  I sent an email to them last night, so they would get it first thing this morning, and I am now back on the sub list.  I was also signed up to attend another counties sub training class that I had canceled TWICE due to my nanny job, so I needed to get in touch with them as well.  I sent my email to that county and they are having another training class TOMORROW MORNING!  Isn't that amazing?  Oh, and this week my Mom's work is holding a book fair and I was going to run, but because of my job I wasn't able to be there, but this week is the perfect week for me to do it, so I will be running a book fair this week as well.  

It really is amazing how God's plans are never what we have planned for.  I have learned over the past year, and I'm still learning, that anything I plan for goes the complete opposite way.  Even though it's not what I planned, it always turns out BETTER!  The only thing I can tell you is that I pray for guidance and for Him to "do His thang" you think He is?  I definitely do...

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