Sunday, September 18, 2011

J.O.B Status

Happy Sunday to everyone!  I hope everyone has had a great weekend.  I was unable to watch the Auburn game due to having to be in a training class for a new tutoring position I got, but did keep up to date with the game on my Mom's phone, and was so sad for the outcome!  I knew we would have to loose sooner or later, but it is still one of those things you hope you don't have to do sooner.  :)  I still believe in Auburn and LOVE it...WAR EAGLE!!

On to other news...I filled you all in on the interview that I had about a month ago for the nanny position here in Newnan, and I started on Friday!  I met the little girl, Lexie, who is 6, on Thursday and then began on Friday.  We had such a great two days together and I am so excited to be working with her.  I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest and can't wait to do some of those activities with her.  Lexie's mom wants me to challenge Lexie with activites and crafts and things after school.  Lexie is so smart and very indepedent and I can't wait to share more things with you guys.  We took some great pictures at the Kid's Castle (a big playground here in Newnan) on Friday and I am going to have her make a book using her sight words and the pictures tomorrow, but I will share some of those pics with you another day.  :) 

Thank you guys for all the prayers and thoughts!  I am so excited about this opportunity and will continue to keep you posted on fun things that we do.  If anyone has any fun things for us to do, please let me know.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!  Bye!

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