101 Things List

I am posting my list in this area so I can keep up to date with it easier and so can you!
(Don't mind the stars they are for me)  :)
This list is to be completed 1,001 days from May 1, 2011 which will be Jan. 26, 2014.
Wish me luck!!

  1. Find a job
  2. Come up with a better name for my blog
  3. Post 200 blogs on my blog
  4. Move out of my parent's house
  5. Trade in BMW and Mazda for a more fuel efficient, cheaper SUV
  6. Complete a triathlon
  7. Go camping
  8. Hike
  9. Go to Colorado in the summer time
  10. Go to Colorado in the winter time
  11. Begin going to Sunday School *
  12. Begin attending Bible study groups at church *
  13. Cook new things for friends and family
  14. Host a pot luck dinner with friends and family
  15. Visit Charleston
  16. Spend a month in SSI again!  :)
  17. Organize my closet *
  18. Organize the storage unit *
  19. Learn to bake
  20. Begin saving for retirement
  21. Buy a nice camera
  22. Learn to take and edit pictures on my nice camera
  23. Take my mom on a vacation somewhere we have never been
  24. Join a boxing club or at least go
  25. Visit D.C.
  26. Road trip to the Northeastern part of the US
  27. Begin every blog with an inspirational quote or Bible verse
  28. Read and study the Bible (this is a continuous one, but I'm doing it)
  29. Learn how to tile
  30. Refurnish bedroom furniture
  31. Plant herbs (basil, sage, mint, etc) *
  32. Keep the herbs alive
  33. Use the herbs in dishes
  34. Get a hydra colon cleanse *
  35. Go to Disney World
  36. Go on a vacation alone
  37. Pay at least 60% of debt off
  38. Hold a yard sale for the weekend
  39. Be open to new relationships
  40. Do not use my credit cards
  41. Put at least $2,000 in savings
  42. Try to stand up on a surfboard
  43. Try to snowboard
  44. Get chair reupholstered
  45. Figure out what is a necessity and if it is not try to find a place that I can donate too *
  46. Work on being patient
  47. Wear sunscreen and hat
  48. Develop pictures and frame them
  49. Take Media Specialist GACE
  50. Teach English abroad for a summer
  51. Attempt to plant a garden
  52. Take Bailey for a walk at least 3 days a week
  53. Visit an Organic Farm
  54. Get 8-9 hours of sleep nightly *
  55. Get down to a healthy weight *
  56. Get my mom to walk with me nightly/daily *
  57. Buy new tennis shoes
  58. Buy new workout clothes
  59. Help mom clean out the garage
  60. Help mom clean up back porch
  61. Help mom build sitting area in back
  62. Help mom put up a new back splash in kitchen
  63. Help organize house *
  64. Get Bailey updated on all shots, pills, flea treatments, etc.
  65. Get Bailey cut every 4-6 weeks
  66. Eat meatless at least 2 days a week *
  67. Buy a bike
  68. Bike at least 3 days a week 
  69. Attend Tri-Delta Alum events
  70. Attend AU Alum events
  71. Visit a vineyard
  72. Donate money and time to a local charity 
  73. Buy veggies and fruits locally *
  74. Pick up garbage on road side next to my house
  75. Learn to play golf
  76. Hold a tailgate with friends
  77. Get an iPhone
  78. Use my Yoga mat
  79. Repaint trunk in room
  80. Make lactose free ice cream for my family
  81. Attend a culinary class
  82. Learn to sail
  83. Continue to research natural meds and ways to take care of myself
  84. Take my mom skydiving
  85. Take my mom zip lining in a jungle setting not North GA  (hahaha!)
  86. Climb Stone Mountain again with my Mom 
  87. Give Bailey a bath every week, when he's stinky  :)  (can't do every week, because of drying out skin)
  88. Begin scrap booking starting with my with first three years of teaching 
  89. Redo bedroom- more to come on this number *
  90. Enlist at West Georgia for my 6 year degree...to become a Media Specialist within the next 5 years or in the future :)
  91. Take test to get into the program for my 6 year degree (not needed to get into program!) :)